VIDEO: Take A Lap In The SRT Redeye Powered Dodge Durango SRT Speed Trap!


Im pretty sure every gear headed Cop in the world has a big ol WOODY right about now! This 797hp SRT Redeye powered Dodge Durango Pursuit “Speed Trap” is a true ripper! Though it is a concept just the thought of an 797hp AWD Cop truck is just insane. Watch as this beast roars around the track! #MOPARORNOCAR

“A hair-raising lap—thanks to the Hellcat engine inside Speed Trap, the Durango SRT. #OLOA2019�”

SOURCE: Mopar Unlimited

“#MoparMonday 797hp Hellcat Redeye powered Dodge SRT Durango “Speed Trap” attacks the autocross course during the One Lap Of America! ”