VIDEO: @Demonology Picks Up A 700hp Saleen Challenger 570X | The Original Hellcat!

SOURCE: Demonology

I remember seeing these cars back in the day when I was driving my first SRT (’06 Charger SRT8) and wondering WTF it was. The fact that there were only 8 built makes me feel privileged to have seen one in the wild! The Saleen Challenger 570X is the original modern blown Hemi beast! Also I never knew the 570X made 700hp, always thought the “570” was the power number…#MOPARORNOCAR

“We picked up a RARE legendary 2010 Saleen Challenger 570X… the ORIGINAL Hellcat. This car is only 1 of 8 ever made and produces 700 HP. It is fully custom with carbon fiber trim and sounds like a beast!”