VIDEO: 745hp SRT Hellcat Swapped Chevy C10! 😎

SOURCE: AutotopiaLA

Well if this aint a nut-punch to the GM purists! This dude stuffed a brand new SRT Hellcat Hemi crate motor under the hood of this classic Chevy C10 and she is BADDDDD AZZZZZ! Making 745hp (Pulley/injectors) this C10 is taking full advantage of its 800lb weight advantage over the Challenger/Charger/Jeep that this motor is meant to power!

“This one might freak out the purists but I don’t care. I love creative builds and this is certainly a creative one. Jody wanted a C10 as it was his first truck and he’s a Mopar guy so he wanted a Hemi and he built one helluva truck! Sit back and enjoy the ride in this Hellcat swapped C10 pick up truck.”

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