VIDEO: Off Duty Cop Caught Speeding 134mph On The highway! #HELLCAT 😳

SOURCE: Real World Police

An off duty LA County sheriff was caught going 134mph in his new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Lol dude probably legit soiled his pants when the Trooper said “Off-duty is not going to help you at 134mph…This one is going to sting”.

“Trooper Ken Nickerson cited Deputy Perez for the full 134 MPH and for the missing plates. The citation was handled by Justice Larry Shupe of Goodsprings Township Justice Court,* in Jean, Nevada, where the charge was amended to a whopping parking violation. Tangentially, in researching this case we discovered that Andre Agassi received a ticket for driving in a manner that wasted energy back in 1992. No joke. But what about that parking ticket for driving 134 MPH? We wanted to know the same thing that many of you are probably wondering: do non-off-duty-cops get 134 MPH citations reduced to parking tickets, too?”

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