VIDEO: Dodge Charger Takes Seattle Police For One Wild Ride! | Driver Mod! 😳

SOURCE: Real World Police

That poor little Ford. As I’ve said before we never encourage running from the Cops but its just funny to see a Mopar kick azz in everyday life 🤣. The driver of the Dodge Charger in this video went full “Bo Duke’ on Seattle Police racing through residential neighborhood eventually getting away. Unfortunately for him the long arm of the law eventually caught up with him on a later date.

“From the report of Detective Matthew Lilje: On 07/04/18 I was working in uniform with Det. Pinkerton. I was in the passenger seat of a SPD Gang Unit Patrol vehicle that is equipped with red and blue lights, siren, and ICV system. Det. Pinkerton was in the driver’s seat. At approx. 2035 hours we heard plain clothes detectives stating over radio that they had observed a known warrant suspect driving through a Safeway parking lot in the 9200 block of Rainier Ave. The suspect was identified as Leo M. Dickerson (9/17/96). I am familiar with Dickerson from previous arrests and investigations. I know that other detectives in my unit are also very familiar with Dickerson and could easily identify him. The detectives stated that Dickerson was driving a silver Dodge Charger with WA license plate BHY6822, and he appeared to be the only occupant. A check of the license plate revealed that is registered to a female who lives in Kent, with no known connection to Dickerson. The vehicle had also been involved in a burglary in Seattle on 4/16/18 where no suspects were identified. During a briefing earlier in the day I was given a picture of Dickerson and told that he had a current felony warrant for his arrest. I had also personally run his name and DOB a day earlier and saw the same warrant. I also knew that there was reliable information that Dickerson was presently armed with a firearm, and was in-fact, well known to be “always armed”. I also knew that Dickerson has been the subject of multiple shooting investigations and other violent crimes. I had recently done research into where Dickerson may be staying and I was unable to locate and addresses where he might be located or vehicles he might be associated with. It is my belief that Dickerson was aware of his warrant and had been actively attempting to evade capture by keeping his whereabouts concealed from Police. At approx. 2040 hours we pulled into the parking lot and saw Dickerson’s vehicle turn away from us, towards Rainier Ave. The plainclothes detectives had continual sight of the vehicle and never saw Dickerson stop or exit the vehicle, and never saw anyone else enter the vehicle. The vehicle pulled onto Rainier Ave and went southbound. We decided to initiate a stop to take Dickerson into custody for his warrant. As soon as our lights and siren were activated, Dickerson turned South onto 56 Av S. At this point, all of our emergency red and blue lights were activated and our siren was blaring loudly and continuously. Based on Dickerson’s criminal history, our knowledge that he continued to engage in criminal activity involving firearms, and our knowledge that he had been attempting to elude capture on his warrant, we decided it was reasonable to attempt to take him into custody while the opportunity presented itself. Dickerson continued to accelerate away from us and take several turns. It was quickly apparent that he had no intention of stopping, and was actively trying to elude us. We followed Dickerson as he travelled through residential streets, well in excess of the speed limit or any reasonable speed. Dickerson continued to take turns very quickly and failed to stop for any stop signs or obey any type of traffic control devices. At one point, he turned southbound onto Renton Ave S, traveling past a stop sign, going into a blind intersection with an arterial road. He did not slow his vehicle or make any kind of apparent attempt to negotiate the turn in a safe manner. It was very clear that his intention was to escape our attempts to stop him by driving in a reckless manner. Dickerson accelerated even more and turned onto 116th. This turns into a residential street where families were lighting fireworks. Det. Pinkerton slowed his speed for the safety of any pedestrians. We very quickly lost sight of Dickerson’s vehicle. Citizens continued to point down 116th, and south on 76th, up to around the intersection with S 120th. At this point we did not know where Dickerson went and we ended our attempts to locate him. Charges for felony eluding were filed. ”

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