VIDEO: 17 Year Old Driver Dead After Ram TRX Street Racing Crash | 😢

SOURCE: Knockout 360

Man I hate when stories like this come out…A 17 year old driver has been pronounced dead at the scene of a crash involving a new SRT Hellcat powered Ram TRX. Apparently the high performance pick-up was street racing with a Lexus when the driver lost control and flipped multiple times. Our prayers go out to all involved in this tragedy. You can watch the full news story here.

“RAM TRX *SPLIT in HALF*… Two People *DEAD* and One Going to Jail *FOR LIFE*…. (MUST WATCH)… Street Racing has left a RAM TRX 2021 completely TOTALED SPLIT IN HALF and two people DEAD and One Driver going to JAIL… (SAD STORY)…”

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