VIDEO: Mom Races Trackhawk vs. SRT Redeye + Crazy Fight Breaks Out On Track! 😳

SOURCE: Fast World Problems

It goes down at Yello Belly! @FastWorldProblems took his Jeep Trackhawk to Yello Belly drag strip and let his mom line up against @TheRealNova797 Challenger Redeye! Before the action gets started a wild brawl erupts on track including multiple people. Enjoy!

A fight breaks out at the track, Mom races my Jeep Trackhawk against @therealnova797 and her bad ass Charger Hellcat Redeye at Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie Texas, and the D4DW4GON takes on The Home Depot nitrous Truck (lahomedepot_214 on IG).”

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