FOR SALE: 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4 (Time-Attack Ready)


2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4 (Time-Attack Ready)

Owner: Charlie Luze

“Selling my SRT-4. It seems that the Navy will never let me out of Asia and I’m never going to get to drive this car on the track. Nigel At Bst (Nigel Alexander, Tru Dyno Sports) has it at his shop in Conover, NC. He assembled the block, the head, swapped them into the car, did all the tuning on his dyno at TDS on E85 and pump 93. Car has never been tracked. The trans has only seen the dyno, the clutch maybe has 300 miles on it (the trip back to Nigel’s). Everything on this car is brand new. I got sent to Japan the month after I got the car swapped and tuned, and now it’s looking like I’ll be here for another 6 years. My firm price is $16,500.00 for everything, and you pay any towing/transportation expenses. I’ll be taking a $40,000+ loss on this but I don’t think I can get any more out of it if I do a part out so that’s my lowest price. There are a few things that can/should/need to be done to it but it’s stuff you can do in the garage easily. This is just a feeler so if anyone is interested let me know.

The goal for the build was to start getting into time attack so that’s how I built it. This is one bad bitch. A lot of people think their Neon is a ‘racecar’, but not compared to this thing. You will probably never see an SRT-4 for sale with this part list. Any questions please let me know.”

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