VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Farmtruck & Azn At Armageddon 2019 | MMX Jeep SRT8

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Looks like Farmtruck and Azn pulled “Jeeper Sleeper” out for a little dig racing fun at Armageddon 2019 No Prep! The MMX powered beast Jeep SRT8 did not dissapoint as it took the win in the daily driver class. FF to 5:55 for the Jeep!

“Farmtruck hops in the gonorail and takes on a nitrous nova in the small tire class. The Gonorail is over weight and under powered but anything can happen on a no prep track. Azn also enters the daily driver class in the jeeper sleeper against a Camaro as well. We also featured a twin turbo ford truck that will be out soon!”