VIDEO: Hellion 2006-2019 Hemi Sleeper Hidden Twin Turbo System!


Hellion has a seemingly nice hidden turbo twin turbo system for ’06-’19 Hemi cars. we are going to follow along with this build to see just how efficient the system is. Honestly I would just go on an beef the motor up now as we know the 392 can’t take but so much boost!

“Scatpack 392 w/ long tube headers, high flow green cats, hellcat throttlebody & Jannetty Racing tune orders NEW Hellion Hidden Twin Turbo System. If you are looking for a forced air setup for 392 make sure to check out this twin turbo setup by Hellion. This 392 Scatpack is almost full bolt on & will likely end up getting a 426 stroker kit along with forged pistions/crankshaft etc. Dyno videos will pop up soon to see how this new setup will do. Is this the best forced air (Supercharger, turbo) setup you have see?”

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