VIDEO: 2 Navy Sailors Charged In Jeep SRT Street Racing Crash (VA Beach)


Two Navy sailors are in some deep crap after being arrested for their involvement street racing which resulted in a crash. The two were allegedly racing their SRT Jeeps on a busy street when one of them struck a Mitsubishi Lancer sending driver/passengers to the hospital. I hope everyone is ok and these two better have a whole lotta lawyer money!

“Two U.S. Navy sailors are charged with street racing in the middle of the night through one of the busiest neighborhoods of Virginia Beach.

Court paperwork says around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, two Jeep Cherokees raced each other northbound on Independence Boulevard, just north of Town Center.

As they allegedly raced, a Mitsubishi Lancer heading south tried to make a left hand turn onto Hinsdale Street. That’s when officials say one Jeep, driven by 23-year-old Jerald Pope, crashed into the Lancer while going 81 mph.” Read more