VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Daddy Dave vs. Jeff Lutz | Daily Drivers! #MOPARORNOCAR

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws stars Daddy Dave and Jeff Lutz met on the street to see who’s daily is quicker! Lets Just Say that Jeep “SRT” Trackhawk is all about that 405 no prep life!

“Daddy Dave usually drives the goliath which is a twin turbo nova. But, his daily driver is a twin turbo s10. With the twins in the bed and a custom intercooler among other neat details about his s10 makes it a threat in the street. He takes on Jeff Lutz who holds records in drag week and an accomplished racer. His daily driver is a track Hawk which is a hellcat motor in an awd platform. Both drivers met in the second round of the covid daily driver cash days. It was hosted by the bigs and it did not disappoint.”

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