VIDEO: This Bulletproof SRT Demon Powered Tank Is A Legit STREET BEAST!

SOURCE: Donut Media

I recently saw this vehicle in a Chris Brown video while watching TV with my niece, don’t judge me. I immediately wondered WTF is that??? Turns out the Rezvani Tank is a 1000hp SRT Demon powered, bulletproof, blast proof apocalypse machine! This thing even has night vision and a fuggin smoke screen! So basically James Bond and Rambo had a baby…Enjoy!
“The Rezvani Tank is an absurd, apocalypse ready, extreme utility vehicle that was built with a few things in mind…one, protect whoever’s inside at all cost, and two, be luxurious as f**k. It’s bulletproof, bombproof, blast-proof, it even can protect the electronics from an EMP strike from a Nuclear bomb. Powered by a 1000+ HP Dodge Demon engine, the 6500lb armored Tank is the most insane, street-legal vehicle. What started off as a Jeep wrangler has been stripped down with only the frame remaining, and built back up into the most luxurious doomsday-ready machines ever built. Today we’re taking a look at some of the Tanks wild features and the technology behind them!”

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