VIDEO: 200+mph 1970 Blown Hemi Superbird | Xtreme Bird!

SOURCE: victoryredcolorado

Now that is one bad ride! Check out this blown Hemi powered 1970 Plymouth Superbird…Xtreme Bird! Watch as this vintage beast rips off effortless 6 second 200+mph passes! #MOPARORNOCAR

“It’s pretty cool to run across a blown ’70 Plymouth Superbird testing at the drag strip. The thing that I found even cooler was the whole family is involved in the operation and not to mention, they all are racers even down to the younger children! The car itself is a new build and Steve and Keith Malek were pleased to lay down their best runs so far this year. With timing being held for 2 1/2 seconds, plus running a large pulley to reduce boost, this bird has way more in it and should really fly once it’s dialed in!”

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