VIDEO: New Quickest & Fastest Charger SRT Hellcat In The World!


This Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat dips deep into the 8’s while setting a new world record for the quickest and fastest Charger Hellcat on Earth! Great work fellas!

As of 8/20/2020 at 10:15 PM, the following were set or reset. * Quickest and Fastest Charger * * Quickest and Fastest Hellcat Charger * * Quickest and Fastest Factory Style A8 Trans Hellcat * * Quickest and Fastest Heavyweight Class Car * * Quickest and Fastest Whipple Hellcat * * blah blah blah, name a Hellcat related record, this thing probably has it or is close * Basic setup 225 shot of Nitrous on a built stroker motor with a 4.5L Whipple on top pushing power through a factory upgraded HP90 8 speed transmission. DA 2400-2600, 81F, 70-75% humidity Weight was a touch over 4300lbs with driver Engine Build Details: – Demon Performance/TKM Built 428 Stroker Motor – Thitek Custom Heads – Demon Performance Blower Cam – Paramount Performance Built HP90 A8 – Whipple 4.5L Supercharger – Nitrous Outlet system with custom nitrous spray bars – Killer Chiller with extra 1.25 Gallon Intercooler Reservoir Tank – Genuine Lower Rate Dodge Demon Front Springs – Menscer / Reed Performance Rear Double Adjustable Racing Shock and Spring – Injector Dynamics ID1700 – Fore Triple Pump Return Style Fuel System – JMS FuelMAX Dual Output P2020 Boost a Pump – Stainless Works Long Tube Headers – Mopar 3.09 Factory Rear Differential – BMR Upper Control Arm, Upper Trailing Arm, and Lower Trailing Arm, all with upgraded Delrin bushings – BMR Solid Cradle Bushings – Per4mance Development DIRS Diff Brace – Per4mance Development Billet Front Diff Race Brace – TCE 15″ Rear Brake Conversion – High Horse Performance / Bogart 15″ Rear Beadlock Wheels – Mickey Thompson 315 ET Street Pro Radials – TCE 15″ Front Brake Conversion – RC Comp Hammers 15″ Wheels – M&H Front Skinnies – Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft – Driveshaft Shop 1,400 Half-Shafts – Anti Gravity Lithium Ion Battery – 180 Degree Thermostat – ZAutomotive Tazer – ZAutomotive Double Bypass Cable – allows use of Tazer + Datalogger simultaneously – Custom Modified RPM Roll Cage – Stroud Parachute on custom mounts and hardware”

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