VIDEO: 9.0LSRT Viper vs. Supra Gang/Tuned Mclaren 720S + Pure 1000 AMG GTS!

SOURCE: @SneakySnakes

Sneaky is back with his wicked 9.0L stroker SRT Viper! This time he runs into an entire Supra car meet and gots some roll action with some high horsepower exotics!

“I have a suspicion people will get in their feels over this one, so a little context; Most of these guys are “civilians”, have builds made for cruising, and aren’t racers. I imagine most of them were on their lower boost or pump gas settings and definitely didn’t expect the 9L action. It was all in good fun, everyone had a blast, don’t take this too seriously. Viper mods: Prefix 9.0L Xtreme Package – Stroker/Heads/Cam on Pump 93″

“The 720S is in my opinion, the benchmark of modern-day supercars. There is no oem vehicle on the planet short of a hypercar that has anything for these cars (acceleration wise). They are consistent 9.7-9.8 cars at 145 in the quarter, run low 5 second 60-130 times bone stock, they are an absolute airplane. This is the car I had my sights on when I did the latest build on the Viper. I wanted an NA 6-spd car that could be in the same conversation with what I consider to be the best. I came within a stone’s throw. I couldn’t be happier with this latest setup and how the car performs.”

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