VIDEO: Rapper @lilbaby4PF Buys The World’s Only Chrysler 300 SRT Hellcat!


Rapper Lil Baby just took ownership of the world’s only Chrysler 3000 SRT Hellcat! Not sure how much he paid for this highly customized Mopar Frankenstien but im sure the kid who built it appreciates the business!

“Well guys.. there you have it. I sold my car to Lil Baby! How crazy is that!? Sorry I didn’t have enough time to explain how he got in touch with me but that will be on the next video for sure! I was planning on posting a lot more content with this car, BUT wait until you see what I have planned next! You do NOT want to miss it. Follow me on Instagram @ Khal_SRT”

Im sure there will be a fair share of “Car Guy Karens” on this post saying it is not legit so here is some footage of the actual build!

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