VIDEO: Challenger SRT Demon vs. Mclaren 720S | 1/4 Mile

SOURCE: Road Test TV

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon lines up with a Mclaren 720S for a 1/4 mile battle! Place ya bets! #MOPARORNOCAR

” Drag Race between a 2018 Dodge Demon vs a 2019 McLaren 720 S. The Dodge Demon is a 4250 Heavyweight whereas the McLaren weighs about 1000 lbs less and makes similar power.The Dodge Demon is powered by a 6.2 L Supercharged V8 which makes 840 horsepower and 770 lb/ft of torque when stock; however, this demon has a pulley and tune and is making approximately 900 horsepower to the wheels.The McLaren is powered by a 4.0 L Twin Turbo V8 which makes 710 Horsepower and 568 lb-ft of Torque when stock and is backed by an 7 speed dual clutch transmission. However, McLaren 720S in the video has been modded with catless downpipes, drag radials and an Excell RacingTune. The Demon makes a little more power, but the McLaren 720 is a quite a bit lighter. So, who wins? ”

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