VIDEO: ’70 Hemi Plymouth Cuda vs. ’69 Pontiac GTO Ram Air 5 | 1/4 Mile!

SOURCE: Cars And Zebras

Time for a classic American Muscle showdown! Watch this 1970 Hemi Cuda take on a 1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air 5 for 1/4 mile supremacy. These two old beasts went for three rounds, will it be Mopar or GM?

“1970 Hemi Cuda vs 1969 Pontiac GTO – Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race, Factory Stock Drag Race First car is a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. The other is a 1969 Pontiac GTO. The Plymouth Cuda has a 426 hemi V8, while the GTO has a Ram Air IV 400 V8. The Hemi Cuda was rated 425 horsepower, and the Ram Air IV GTO 370 horsepower. The ’70 hemi Cuda features a TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission. The ’69 Pontiac GTO also has a 3-speed automatic transmission, specifically a TH400. Rear gearing in the Hemi Cuda is 4.10, while the 1969 GTO has 4.33. Weight including driver is 3786 pounds for the Hemi Cuda, and 3790 pounds for the Pontiac GTO. Popular Hot Rodding tested a 1969 Ram Air IV GTO and it ran 13.42 seconds @ 108.42 mph (but had a set of headers through full exhaust). A 1970 Hemi Cuda convertible was tested by Cars Magazine in May of 1970 and it ran 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.45 seconds @ 105 mph. There were only 652 Hemi Cuda hardtops produced in 1970…but even less Ram Air IV automatic equipped GTOs in 1969; only 151 of those hit the showroom floor. Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race (PSMCDR). FAST Factory Appearing Stock Tire factory stock. Super Car Drag Race. ”

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