VIDEO: Nth Moto 3300hp Turbo SRT Viper Roll Racing!

SOURCE: That Racing Channel

Has Nth Moto put together the most powerful SRT Viper ever? Take a look at this purpose-built roll racing 3300+hp turbo SRT Viper “Kratos” at Fly2K21!
“On this episode we feature one of our favorite cars at FL2K21, this car defies everything we thought was possible for a full street car. Nth Moto unveiled “Kratos” a Turbo Gen V Viper that makes 3306WHP using a factory block, still retaining all the creature comforts of a street car (A/C, P/S, 18 speaker stereo system) that can drive around town without skipping a beat. They came out swinging during the roll race competition, setting a track roll racing MPH record at 208MPH in less than 1300ft! Over the years RWD platforms have struggled to keep up with high horsepower AWD applications due to limited traction, it’s so great to see a team of such talented people push this platform to compete with the best of them and take home the gold. Watch along to get an in-depth look at this incredible machine built by Nth Moto!”

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