VIDEO: Street Outlaws Dominator Turbo Hemi Dart Full Track Wheelie! 😤

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Team 405’s Dominator seems to be getting stronger with every pass! Watch this savage wheelie keeping the wheels up for nearly the entire pass!

“In this video we have dominator who recently had some upgrades done to his car which is a dodge dart. He entered the big tire class at the tucson no prep event held in tucson, arizona. Dominator changed out the big block chevy motor out of the car and added a hemi which had helped with the power department. Dominator also upgraded the suspension which has shown the car to hit the wheelie bars hard during the take off and applying power. As you can see in the video dominator carries the front wheels almost the entire length of the eighth mile. Dominator is looking more powerful after every event and is true asset to the 405 team. Dominator has struggled most of the season but looking more and more powerful after every race.”

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