VIDEO: @StreetOutlaws Dominator Turbo Hemi Dodge Dart | Tulsa No Prep Event!

SOURCE: National No Prep Racing Association

Street Outlaws star Dominator brought his turbo Hemi powered Dodge Dart to Tulsa raceway for some fun in the sun! The Dart showed up pretty good against some familiar names in the video. Dominator will definitely be pulling his weight for the 405 this season!

“In this video we have dominator who drives a twin turbo hemi powered dodge dart. Sitting on top of the beautiful hemi motor is a plazaman intake that just makes the engine bay look sleek and performing well. Dominator entered the big tire class at the tulsa raceway no prep event held in tulsa, oklahoma. Dominator is a part of the 405 team and has had an up and down season. The car was updated recently and dominator still figuring out the new car bugs and managed to win some key races to help his team out throughout the season. If there is one certain thing about dominator is the fact you can’t count him out of a race. Dominator always finds a way to get to the finish line first and in this video you can see the strides dominator was making towards the end of the season. ”

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