VIDEO: Is This The Fastest Viper On Earth? Meet Juggernaut!

SOURCE: 1320video

We always hear about those badazz Calvo cars these days but they are not the only ones taming Snakes! Nth Moto brought out their 3000+hp beast of a Viper “Juggernaut”, for some fun at the track!
“What has 3,000hp, weighs 4,000lbs, and run’s low 7’s without the boost cranked? Nope, it’s not Hector’s Civic Hatchback, but good guess! It’s the Juggernaut Viper, built by Nth Moto. This wild build features a 2001 Viper with a Gen 5 drivetrain, twin turbos, full 5 inch exhaust, and lots and lots of other goodies. Running a best of a 7.16 @ 209mph (still in it’s testing phase) – we can expect this beauty to see 6’s in no time at all. Props to Nth Moto on yet another badass build! “

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