VIDEO: Factory IRS Vortech Blown Dodge Challenger Coasts Into The 7’s!

SOURCE: TalonTSi97 Videos

Just imagine making so much power that you can coast to a solid 7 second pass! Welp, being geared for the 1/8 mile John Reed really has no choice with his factory style IRS Hemi Challenger. She is consistent too! 😎

“John Reed was the first 7sec factory style independent rear suspension equipped Challenger to break into the 7s back in 2018 and is still the record holder to this day. The car is set up for Ultra Street, so it is only geared for the 1/8th mile, but coasting to the 1/4 mile it still runs a mid 7sec pass. Maybe we will see it with a gear change and run all out for that 6sec pass soon! You can follow the build on instagram at hemiram613 or on youtube @Reedmotorsports Quick Run Down of the setup: 1575whp 1000wtq Billy Briggs Racing 6.4L 426ci Gen3 HEMI ThiTek Heads Vortech v30/94 Supercharger RPM TH400 transmission Factory Style IRS BMR Suspension”

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